P&G’s Branded Entertainment Pioneer

Creating Breakthrough Campaigns

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Melissa Dawn Johnson is a branded entertainment trailblazer for Procter & Gamble’s Media & Entertainment Innovation group, part of a branding and advertising agency. She put a Swiffer into the hands of Jessica Simpson on Rollingstone magazine and most recently, has Mary J. Blige speaking out about “Crest Healthy Smiles”.

These and other countless P&G; integration with films, celebrities and pop-culture has P&G;’s CEO, AG Lafley taking notice, recognizing her as an “Unsung Hero” for pioneering Branded Entertainment Marketing.

We sat down with Ms. Johnson to find out how to inspire innovative thinking, work with networks, create breakthrough campaigns and more.

Recent Headlines:

  • Crest Healthy Smiles with Mary J. Blige
  • Procter & Gamble Puts Out a Music Hit
  • P&G; Tunes Up Housework Soundtrack
  • P&G;’s Gillette Moves Global Media
  • P&G; Launches Hotel Cleaning Program